Conching Family

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Conching first became famous for her Filipino cooking at Conching's Cafe in National City. After 11 years, she sold her restaurant and it became Erlinda's Filipino Cuisine.


Reyes-Magpusao Family


Cherry & Lee Reyes-Magpusao started, owned, and ran Lollicup in National City for 13 years. After meeting the pinnacle of their success, they sold their dessert cafe to be closer to their Chula Vista community.


A Collaboration of Families

Conching wanted to bring back her famous Filipino foods. In 2016, she and her family launched a new restaurant, Halo Halo Cafe & Ice Cream Parlor.

After operating her new restaurant for nearly a year and proving herself once again in the food industry, Conching felt it was time to retire.

Cherry & Lee saw this an opportunity to relaunch their family-run business. In partnership with Cherry's sister and brother-in-law, Jane & Ron, they bought Halo Halo Cafe & Ice Cream Parlor.

With the transfer of ownership from one family to another, Cherry & Lee understood the honor to carry on Conching's legacy. She has given her recipes to Cherry & Lee, and they will continue to serve all of her dishes.

While maintaining the restaurant's current audience, Cherry & Lee also strive to appeal to a younger audience—leveraging their success in desserts and simplifying the restaurant's name to Halo Halo Cafe.

Through warm-friendly customer service and providing both traditional & modern Filipino food, Cherry & Lee look towards creating a well-rounded restaurant for a franchise. So that one day, everyone will be able to enjoy authentic Filipino cuisine at Halo Halo Cafe.