Super Yummy

“Yes, yes & YES! This place is so freaking delicious! I came here three times in a row! My favorite dish is the bangus that comes with egg. Oh man! I'm surprised with their prices cause they're so generous. They give you soooo much! The halo halos are to die for!”

Raquel E.
Chula Vista, C

Drove all the way from Escondido

“Halo2x was delish. Wifey said that its one of the best she ever tried here in Cali. We ordered special palabok too, sadly they ran out of sauce so it wasn't served on time. The store attendant was so kind to tell us about the problem and offered if we wanted a toast while waiting but since we were already full and wifey still wants a scoop of ice cream, i told the store attendant that we're ok to wait because we'll just bring our palabok home and told her that i'll just order another scoop of UBE. To my surprise, she gave me three big scoops of ice cream for free.”

Frânz C.
Escondido, CA


Asian Flavors

“I got 2 scoops of ice cream in a cone for $3. Super cheap! I got ube and avocado. They gave me a generous scoop of ube which was on the bottom but the avocado was such a tiny scoop. Ive never seen avocado ice cream so I had to try it. It was so creamy. I tried the pandan and that was good too.”

Jasmine C.
San Diego, CA

New Ownership & Management

"Always liked coming here for the halo halo, saging con hielo, and mango con hielo but stopped visiting for a while because workers were rude, unfriendly, and would completely roll their eyes right in front of you. But it's changed now :) when I visited on a Monday afternoon the cashier was super nice and made my dessert really fast."

Gabrielle F.
Chula Vista, CA

A Filipino Food Gem

“Halo Halo is in the name, and they do make a good one, but don't overlook the Cafe part.  I had the tocino and eggs breakfast, and it was delicious"

Mark F.
Tierrasanta, San Diego, CA


Stay Cold on a Hot Day

“We always come here for their halo-halo and their plate of Ube, especially since its a much closer drive for us than say Erlinda's in National City. Always go for Ube ice cream for your halo halo, you can't go wrong with that. I've found their halo halo to have more "content" in it than other places, especially the leche flan.”

Richie E.
San Diego, CA